Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Dear Mr. Fantasy

It is Super Bowl Sunday, and I have mixed feeling about football.

Between the almost guaranteed eventual Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) to the acceptance of Michael Vick (his dogs were fought, hung, electrocuted, beaten), to the banishment of Colin Kaepernick for peaceful demonstrations of his beliefs, I think the NFL is as flawed as our political system.

That said, if you need a pre-game warm-up or something to listen to while cooking today, I give you almost a full half hour of Steve Wynwood’s Traffic: Low Spark of High Heeled Boys / 40,000 Headmen / Dear Mr. Fantasy – Live 1972 (Remastered). It impresses me – how well this has aged.

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  1. I hate the 49ers, always have and always will (though I like Richard Sherman). The Kaepernick thing is just icing on the cake for me hating them. I also cannot stand the halftime shows & will be turning off the sound and listening to this instead.

  2. Mayhem’s first album is among the most ridiculous things ever recorded.

  3. Deep Purple In Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra – Via Miami (Live):

  4. im still utterly baffled that commercials are seen as part of the entertainment over there
    and the song has absolutely nothing to do with that…i just like it

    • Love Rev. Peyton, 2nd favorite Rev., after Horton Heat!

      • oooo….i think they’re a tie for me
        depends on my mood wich ones my favourite

        • I think I have been to more Horton Heat shows than any other band except Fishbone. Haven’t caught Rev. P live yet.

        • If you like Rev. P though, you should check these guys out, they put on a great live show…

          • that works for me 🙂
            and fishbone is a band that flew under my radar till a mate introduced me to them quite recently…. still cant believe i completely missed them
            but i guess that might be a side effect of growing up in europeland

      • Please tell me the Rev Gary Davis is #3!

        • Sorry, Rev James Brown

          • It’s hard to argue with that.
            But you’ve gotta show Rev Gary some respect. He was foundational.

  5. Sticking to sprots!

    • Yay, the Zambonis! Those guys are old friends of mine. They wrote this song about me. It’s based on a true story.

      • Excellent story.

        • I didn’t actually get suspended for wearing the shirt. I just had to go to the principal’s office and he made me turn it inside out. But, that’s less dramatic than suspension so I excuse the creative license taken.

  6. Maybe it’s tempting fate to pick a California-based Thrash metal band to ask a question to my beloved Chiefies, but here goes nothing. Armored Saint – Can U Deliver:

    • Yay Chiefs!!!



  7. I think we should just watch this on a loop. Though I am excited to see J-Lo and Shakira

  8. M Shanghai String Band – Groundhog’s Day

  9. My brother works for the Giants and goes to the Super Bowl every year. I don’t know how he does it because it can be a hassle. I went once and that was enough. It was pretty neat to go once, though.

    It’s Football, Baby – The Sticks of Dynamite

  10. …I missed the last few of these so apologies for the failure to stick to the brief…also, sports heathen over here so kind of blanking on an appropriate pick

    …ummm…go team?

  11. I usually don’t post on these strings because it’s always well after the excitement, but I couldn’t resist posting a kick-ass version of Dear MF:

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