Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Dirt

get your hands dirty

love is love

I am a man of the Earth. I wasn’t always so. There was a time when I walked the city streets in nice Italian shoes and clean, pressed clothes. There was a time when I took my showers in the morning before starting my day instead of having to scour off the crud at the end of my work before I could get anywhere near the dinner table. I used to be able to come home and hang up my clothes and they’d be fine to wear again in a few days. I went 85% of my life without having to scrape sheep shit off my shoes. Not any more.

These days, I grub around in the soil like a nightcrawler. And you know what? I’m not complaining. I’m dirt, and I don’t care.

Tonight, let’s see how filthy we can get.

Hey, y’all, thanks for being here. Be sure to wash your hands after handling this DUAN.



  1. Gary Numan – I Am Dust

    • Oh, and one for the lead photo.
      Jane’s Addiction – Pigs in Zen

    • I saw Gary Numan during this tour…very dark stuff but was a cool show.

  2. SCOTS – Dirt Track Date

    and some Dirty Reggae!

  3. ooo happy now 🙂

  4. All we are is dust in the wind, dude…


  5. This is stretching it a bit but enjoy it for the filth and grime shown in these 1970s photos of Olde Nieuw York:

    • And a late comment, but by the way, can we all just admire how hot Mick Jagger was in 1978? He was 35.

  6. In college I worked at a lobster pound.  I started wearing the same clothes all week, because they didn’t smell any worse after five days than they did after one.  It was pretty funny to drop my shirt on the floor and watch the cat pounce and roll all around on it.

  7. This has dirty lyrics. Parental discretion advised. There are versions of this song where you can barely uderstand half the words. I think it’s meant to be sung drunk in a very heavy regional accent.

  8. Dirty Dirty Crazy Horse:


  9. Elvis Costello – Dear Sweet Filthy World


    • I thought you’d come with this one.

      • Dammit! I forgot about that one.

  10. Tonight, let’s see how filthy we can get.

    Let’s not.

  11. Joke Flower – Dirty Hands

    Sham 69- Angels With Dirty Faces

    • Sham 69 perfection

  12. The Pogues, “Dirty Old Town” 

    Xtina ft. Redman, “Dirrty” 

    🎵And now I dig it in the dirt
    And I’m down here for a while🎵  (makes me think of the Peter Gabriel song)
    The Cure, “Wrong Number” 


    • Triple Song Score!!!

  13. the Jovis;

    Ones with a passing mention of “dirt”😉
    Danger Danger;


    Brooks & Dunn;

    And, of course, Dirt Band😉


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