Deadsplinter Up! All night: distractions

or as i call them....cats

trying to type out a post when candy has decided the keyboard is where she needs to be when im using the computer is challenging….the other two arent being much more helpful… not sure whats gotten into them lately…but im literally tripping over cats here…

(which even by my standards is a pretty weak excuse for why i havent got a theme ready today….i’d say the dog ate my theme…..but i dont have a dog)

anyways…here have a german who seems to be making it big over here nowadays….dunno if hes made it across the pond yet tho

dude makes some pretty easy going music i dont mind hearing on the radio at all (beats all the whiney oh woes me ass got dumped and im whining about it songs everyone else seems to be churning out at mo…..i suspect i’d hate those less if i was 16 still…)

anyways..have at it…themeless tuesday it is 🙂

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  1. The Brian Setzer Orchestra – This Cat’s on a Hot Tin Roof


    Twofer:  Nat and Deano – Open Up the Doghouse (Two Cats are Coming In)

  2. I can’t remember if anyone has posted Saxsquatch previously, but this is new, regardless.
    John Oates & Saxsquatch – Maneater

    And let’s stay ridiculous for the two-fer. The Aquabats – Karate Body!

  3. Cat Dealers Your Body Remix


  4. I tried to warn you!

    Broadcast – Black Cat




    Noga Erez – Bark Loud



    • Also, we’ve had three more lambs born here since the wee hours of this morning.  We’ll be checking on the pregnant ewes every few hours through the night, probably for the next few weeks.  Nature is doing it’s thing, baby.  I’ve got to get a nap in before the next shift starts.

      • I’m sorry, I posted that Harry Roy song twice.  I’m very tired. This is what I meant to post above:


      • Hooray for baby sheeps!

  5. Van She – Cat & The Eye

    The UFO Club – John the Cat

  6. This island is overrun with feral cats.  They have no preditors and lots of birds, rats, and geckos to eat.  

    Is it Tuesday?  I’m fucking lost with this time change!


  7. Matt Gaetz favorite 80s tune…

    • @ManchuCandidate I didn’t get this until just now watching Joy Reid. Jeebus, these people are the worst!


  9. Not a song, but cat/”pussy” themed:

  10. Cat power! 

    Here, kitty, kitty…
    Eartha Kitt, “If You Go Away” 

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