Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Do The Bird

From Loveshaq’s pecker post to blue dogcollar’s disdain for ducks this was fairly easy. Also a shout out to @Lymond for the rabbit hole that is Jason Ward. Now serenade me with some avian arrangements.

I think this is also mandatory.

Thanks for coming around.



  1. Bird is the Word

  2. They Might be Giants – Birdhouse In Your Soul



    And since it’s Twofer Tuesday


    Apples In Stereo – The Bird That You Can’t See


    • …haven’t heard that they might be giants tune in a while…kinda makes me grin a little…which frankly I appreciated at least as much as the tune, so thanks for that

  3. I know I’ve posted this one but I really do like birds!!!

    and my twofer Tuesday offering, Fuzigish – Little Bird


  4. Geechie Smith – The Frog Song.

    What a funny bird the bullfrog is


    • Posting google’s image links is a very common mistake.. I do it all the time on various platforms and then have to edit.

      This one was tricky because not only do you have to click “view photo gallery” on the source’s site which leads to the “slide” where if you were to right-click and choose “copy image location” it would only offer the link to the entire slide rather than just the image itself but you also have to right-click on the image in the slide and choose “open image in new tab” which will open a new tab in your browser with the actual image link.

    • The Mills Brothers had the kind of harmony that you can only get when siblings sing together for a lifetime.  So easy, so perfect, even the vibratos work together seamlessly.  Think Everly Brothers or The Roches.

  5. I could do bird songs all night, but you’d be cheating yourself if you don’t listen to this treasure from Mahalia Jackson.

  6. Hiss Golden Messenger, As the Crow Flies

    Bird of Prey, Dita Von Teese


  7. John Luther Adams, Songbird Songs


  8. I’m going tangential tonight, first, i’ma share the song my high school used a version of, as *our* school song (our mascot was a bird😉😁)

    and then, i’m sharing the *other* artist i saw at the X in St. Paul, the day i got to see Morris Day and the time play these songs Live (Morris and the Time were SOOOOOO good, and SO MUCH FUN!!😁😁😁)
    It was back in June of 2004, and the finale that night was FUCKING MAGIC,
    A bit like occurred this time, when that same artist played at another little shindig
    He’s a local-boy-done-good, did a LOT for this town, did TONS of good on the down-low as an anonymous benefactor, and is pretty much Universally Beloved;

    And to circle back around again, another of HIS songs–that has a bird theme😉–which was one of my FAVORITE songs to play in pep-band (I was a drummer, and at my school we played it on the trap set, because we didn’t have tri-toms or quads for marching band, just a tenor, bass and snares);


    • I forgot the ‘Jovi for that😉
      Because the bird on the wire flies him back;

      And then, because you can’t see Richie & Dave on the Mountaintop, without thinking of Slash…
      Annnnd because it IS November, and I already had a rain song😉😁🤗;

  9. …well…this is from bye bye birdie?

    …& this one mentions a bird flying high


  10. One more bird song, and a reminder that tomorrow is my DUAN coming out and I expect full participation.  I’m a sensitive soul and I desperately seek validation, so bring your A games tomorrow or I’m gonna be crushed. No pressure.

  11. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Thirty Dirty Birds”

  12. feels like it belongs in a tarantino

  13. Lotta choices out there.
    B-52s – Big Bird

    Fatboy Slim – Sunset (Bird of Prey)

    Cake – Comfort Eagle

    Police – Canary in a Coalmine

    Trip Shakespeare – Turtledove


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