DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Don’t Be Cruel!

Cruel by Captain Kudzu. “I stood back to collect myself, check my pocket for my mental health.”

If you wish, you can listen to the full album at Earth Libraries. I recommend Earth Libraries; they curate a tight Spotify playlist and offer an eclectic mixture of artists on their website. “Started by a prestigious group of librarians and archivists from around the globe, Earth Libraries was originally formed to ensure protection of the world’s knowledge and social history during times of war. While the group kept their identities unknown, its members are widely associated with the forming of ethnomusicology.”

Well, Sunday evening compatriots, yesterday was a holiday that commemorates the founding of the United States of America – and 244 years later, the country is still embroiled in wars, violence, and cruelty. It makes me weary and sad, and the fireworks scare my dogs. What do you have to share this evening?

Wishing each of you a musical, lyrical, delightful week! Thank you for your support of DUAN and DeadSplinter.

And a bonus, Months by Captain Kudzu:

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    • The song was originally written and recorded for the final Brinsley Schwarz album, It’s All Over Now, which was never officially released. This version was eventually issued as the non-album B-side of Lowe’s “Little Hitler” single, culled from his first solo album in 1978, Jesus of Cool (retitled Pure Pop for Now People in the US). This is now known as the “original version,” as compiled on Lowe’s 1999 box set The Doings: The Solo Years and the 2008 expanded reissue of Jesus of Cool, as well as a bootleg entitled It’s All Over Now, based on the unreleased album of the same title.

      Nick Lowe – “Cruel To Be Kind (Original Version)”

      • Between Keitel Blacksmith doing a full Punk History on Nick Lowe the other week and now this, he is getting a lot of attention here on Deadsplinter! 

        • Oh no. the first video on keitel’s post is the same with the first in my first comment. I must post something else! OK, here’s a remote performance of ‘(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding’ by Nick Lowe And The Southsea Alternative Choir:

          And a bonus. 11 minutes of Nick Lowe And Los Straitjackets:

    • I go away for a couple of days camping and I come back and Deadsplinter comments are now in Comic Sans?  I’d like to speak to the manager, please.  I have a special medical card that says I cannot be required to use Comic Sans.

      • “I have a special medical card that says I cannot be required to use Comic Sans.”

        As our forefathers said: this is good kinja.

      • …it’s a cruel bargain…allegedly you get to embed gifs & things by pasting urls now

        …but I don’t see that option yet because apparently I’m not that lucky…or my devices hate me…or something

        …at least they stop being in that god-forsaken font when they post?

        • Don’t get me wrong.  I love Deadsplinter, and I feel strongly that it’s worth every cent.  I would write my posts in wingdings as long as I can keep coming here and swapping music and thoughts with you all.

  1. For some reason my fonts appear to be borked, but I’m too lazy to try and deal with it right now, so apologies about that…
    Tori Amos – Cruel

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