DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Don’t Be Late!

Here’s a little grumpy old lady rant on the importance of being on time for meetings, and in general. Every company, family, or friend group has that one person who is always late – and it is not an endearing habit. Timeliness is especially important for attending meetings via a conference line rather than Zoom because facial expression nuance and one’s look of apology isn’t seen over the phone.

I have been on conference calls with people who blow their nose repeatedly, eat their lunch (chewing is loud), and monopolize the conversation. But being late to every meeting is the worst. The person who is late to a meeting, or a date, or a family gathering sends the message that they and their time are more important than the time of everyone else. From a business point-of-view, the lost ROI on the wasted time of all those waiting is ridiculous.

Even if you go ahead and start the meeting or dinner or gathering, the “latee” needs special attention when they arrive: to find their place on the agenda, or have the hostess seat them, or to have the family gathering pause to make them welcome.

Don’t be late – it’s rude. Here’s a new tune from Kevin Morby, I Was on Time. “And the hours devour us I was on time”

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  1. …if you’re going to avoid being tardy it helps to keep your eye on the time

    …but sometimes no matter how long it takes, some things seem timeless

    [n.b. not applicable to arrival at dinner &/or meetings]

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