DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Down the Rabbit Hole

Youtube can suck you in to where you just keep going down and down until you’re googling “Did Liam Payne have a baby with the judge from X-Factor” (Yes.)

Where has Youtube sent you lately?

I started here…

And ended up here…

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  1. Umm no YouTube, but some Spotify? Wild Beasts to Hayden Thorpe to One True Pairing:

    Alpha Female 

    Diviner (this is a beautiful song)

    One True Pairing 



  2. I like YouTube for proto-music videos. The 1960s was the era of the variety show and there are tons of filmed performances, but they’re not quite music videos. Before and during that movie musicals were popular, and YouTube has clips of those without number. Before that there were nightclub and supper club acts, but filmed versions of those are hard to find. Then there’s the whole “American Bandstand”/”Soul Train”/”Midnight Special” trove which can keep the nostalgic entertained for a good long while.

    This might be the reason why, when Grammy nominees are announced, I don’t know who anyone is.

    • The Bunny Hop video is fabulous. This must have been some kind of prequel or rival to “American Bandstand.” I love that it’s sponsored by Chesterfield, “The First Choice of Young Americans.” Chesterfield was a cigarette brand. The first season or two of “What’s My Line” (every single episode available on YouTube; it’s fun to google “What’s My Line” + some celebrity and see if they ever showed up. Ford, Carter, and Reagan all made appearances, although they hadn’t been elected President yet. One of the earliest ones had Eleanor Roosevelt) were sponsored by a cigarette brand, I can’t remember which one, so often there was a big sign in front of the box where the panelists sat. This alternated with a women’s perfume and skin care line, again, I’ve forgotten the name. 

      In sum: YouTube is also a treasure trove of vintage game shows.

  3. LOL, what a specific example re: Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini Cole and One Direction. (Yes, I knew that to be true because I watched, ahem, YouTube clips of that series of X Factor and I found the news of their coupling to be gross knowing they met when he tried out years earlier and was deemed too young for the show. Also, in my defense, I’ll note that that series of X Factor produced some actually good acts that were not One Direction, such as Rebecca Ferguson [who dated a too-young Zayn, but that’s a different story], Cher Lloyd [whose work after Syco is quite good, imho], and winner Matt Cardle [a versatile singer who went a different route–and good on him]). 
    Aw-right, down a different rabbit hole. I love this track, but it’s difficult to find. One of my favourite clothing shops used it with their fall collection video several years ago, and I’ve loved it ever since. 
    ODEZENNE featuring Noob, “Petit abricot (ALICE IN WONDERLAND remix)” 

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