1. i used to have some anger issues

    nowadays…ive realized it is in fact the whole world that has issues..and getting angry about it just makes me tired but doesnt accomplish much else

    so i’ll just poke fun at it all instead

    equally gets nothing done…but i get a laugh out of it

    • You had to send me down a South Pacific rabbit hole didn’t you?  So many of  my favorite shower songs.  Now I’ll be watching Rodgers & Hammerstein musical clips for the next four hours until my wife finds me asleep at the computer with some high school production of Carousel playing.  Then, she’ll gently lead me to bed without waking me as I hum “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

      • There are so many good songs in South Pacific. Every song is good, I think. Sometimes someone will ask Better Half how we met and if I’m within hearing distance I will break out my best Mario Lanza impersonation and launch into “Some Enchanted Evening.” Better Half, being a literalist, will Correct the Record and say, “It was a crowded room but we were roommates and dancing in a gay bar and we were a little drunk–” “And somehow you’ll know/You’ll know even then/That somehow you’ll see him/Again and again”

        • When I sing Some Enchanted Evening in the shower, my wife says she swears it sounds like I’ve got Rossano Brazzi in the shower with me.  She’s probably throwing shade but I choose to take it as a compliment.

  2. You covered some of the greats–buuuut I know that you know The Women of Country do the BEST revenge songs😉😁😈

    Carrie’s immediately spring to mind, and Reba, and of course, The Chicks;


  3. (Edited, because I missed the Gretchen one the first time)

    A couple more, because you CAN’T do revenge without Gretchen, Miranda (I LOVE how she’s as awesomely geeked out by Pat singing with her as ANYONE else would be!😁🤗😃), and also the original one from Garth that was “SCANDALOUS!!!” back in the 80’s, because it dared to go there in regards to Domestic Violence…





    Martina’s original, too;





    (EVERY Garth fan knows the difference between the *regular* guitar, and the deeper, darker chords that you hear if they’re gonna do “the WHOLE song”😉)

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