Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Dreamin’ All Through The Night

Good evening! Ready for a DUAN party? Of course you are!

Dreams are still not fully understood by scientists, even though they are experienced by all. Daydreams, peaceful dreams, nightmares – so many experiences we have… all in our very own minds. Give me your dreamiest song suggestions! Thanks for playing DUAN and stopping by Deadsplinter before you head off to dreamland.

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  1. i love the original too…but this cover is damn good

      • oo ukelele
        thats a really good cover too 😀

        • Isn’t it? 🙂

          • his voice and ukelele
            it should not work..but it does

  2. And now, ladies and gentlemen, my impression of a fan at a Gary Wright concert:
    “Hey!  Play ‘Dream Weaver!'”
    “Hey!  Play ‘My Love is Alive!'”
    “Hey!  Play ‘Dream Weaver!'”
    “Hey!  Play ‘My Love is Alive!'”


  3. probably should leave this one too

  4. Perfume Genius – Some Dream


    • well…that was oddly captivating
      i think ill follow this rabbit hole for a while

      • His music and videos often have an odd dream like quality.

  5. and this is long but sooo good from Seattle’s own…Diamond Fist Werny


  6. The Teardrop Explodes – When I Dream

    Plus an extra because I love this band

  7. Shandi – “He’s a Dream”

  8. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Dreaming

    Iron & Wine – Fever Dream

  9. Patti Smith’s Constantine’s Dream:

  10. And one more, just to hear the great Jerry Douglas play some steel.

    • In case anyone’s looking for a Serbian version of California Dreamin’

  11. John Hassell and Brian Eno —
    Delta Rain Dream

    • And because I missed Thanksgiving, Steve Martin on what he is thankful for.

  12. ahh I totally forgot this one :p

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