Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Earth Day

Happy Earth Day to You!

Happy Earth Day everyone.  I was going to do a completely different subject until I realized my DUAN was actually today.  I never know what to get the Earth on Earth Day so I usually just avoid the holiday all together.  It seems like climate change and the environment always take a back seat to the violence of the day but we need to not forget we are still in the middle of an Earth Crisis!

Hopefully we can start working on that crisis soon as work has seriously slowed down on my Subterranean Wonderland.

meanwhile, The Earth Dies Screaming

but maybe if you are really nice, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk will take you with them to the Magic Planet?

Hope that wasn’t too much gloom and doom! Thanks for your support & get outside and enjoy your planet while you can.



  1. This feels appropriate on this Earth Day – 

    And let’s pour one out for everyone’s favorite Bay City Roller – RIP Les McKeown.

    • Braddah Iz was an environmentalist as are most traditional Hawaiians.  They knew that taking care of the Aina (land) & sea was key to life.

    • His version of “Over the Rainbow” always makes me cry a little. 

  2. …I nearly put this one at the bottom of the DOT…but I didn’t want to seem like I was prejudging today’s climate summit of ever-so-important people & all the stuff they say they’re going to get their various countries to do?

  3. When it all ends up you got to go back to Mother Earth

  4. That’s the way of the world -Earth, Wind & Fire 

  5. At one point during my convalescence (which seems to be going on forever) I was hobbling around and made dinner.
    “I am so fucking pissed off. This should be going more quickly I think.”
    “Maybe it would if you didn’t eat and drink like Henry VIII.”
    “Mmm. I just want to kill myself. I can barely go down to the lobby and I haven’t been outside in months.”
    “Here, dance with me.”
    “DANCE with you!?!?”
    “Well, just hang on to me. Here, let’s try this. We can cha-cha maybe, you taught me, and that would be good physical therapy…?
    So we did, in my own lame way, and with much less energy. “Wait, who’s leading and who’s following? Because you…” I don’t really like this song, but I appreciate the sentiment behind it.

  6. Two birds and all. Song about the earth by somebody who actually tries to help. 

    • And I expected something like this from you keitel

    • Oh, I could have done 100 songs, but I was distracted. 
      What if you left earth and would like to return, but couldn’t?

    • This is what I was going to name the new eco/environmental feature that I’ve been working on. Great minds and all that.

  7. Hayden Thorpe, Earthly Needs 


  8. This is a little piece of 9/11 trivia. Once we in New York got over the shock of it, the NYTimes got their hands on an unofficial list of songs that radio stations were forbidden to play once music was resumed. I mean, not forbidden, but they might as well have been. I still remember that period vividly, and it’s been almost 20 years. Here are two songs that I remember were on the list, and they’re kind of germane to this topic:



    • Maybe this one too?


      • No, too obscure for the NYT. 
        I used to have a whole file folder filled with 9/11 articles from the NYT. The article about the songs actually brought a grim little smile because it was so absurd. I got rid of it about a decade ago but I wish I still had it. Stashed away I have the NYT from 9/11/2001, the last hurrah, which talked about the primaries being held that day (Mark Green was in the lead on the Democratic side, and he was considered a shoo-in because people were getting a little tired of 8 years of Giuliani.) 
        Then came 9/11, and then-Mayor Giuliani stepped up to the plate and hit several home runs. He calmed down an anxious city, he was in the news constantly, he urged us to try to go about our business in a normal way. With him, you could believe the city was under control, and when he urged us to vote for Michael Bloomberg as our next Mayor, lots of us did.
        Contrast this to today’s pandemic-ravaged NYC. Chaos. We don’t really have a Mayor, just Cuomolini directing all things great and small on a whim from distant Albany. 
        I’ll leave you with a song that just popped into my head:


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