DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Emperors? Confusion? Revelations? Revolutions?

Here we go again, it is your Sunday night DUAN!

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Delachute – Caligula: I was so confused by this first music video. How does it relate to the title? Is it just the showing of blood in tiny cut-ins, paying homage to Caligula’s assassination, as he was stabbed 30 times? Does the lyric “Remember that I have the right to do anything to anybody” speak to either US mass consumption of vehicles or is it a mass murderer in the video?

Well then – I went down the WTF rabbit hole and found this: “Murders are rarely random. Love is almost always part of the equation.” The Montréal, Qc artist says “For a couple of years, my job involved driving to prison and spending countless hours with offenders and their victim (or family members when the victim was dead). I had access to unreal stories. I realized that murders are rarely random. “Love” is almost always part of the equation. Even though it was part of my routine, I never really got used to hearing people talk about why they killed someone. It would keep me up at night.”

RF Shannon – Had a Revelation: This is an Austin TX band, style is called “boot gaze”, and the video is very straight-forward. A rocker dude walks through night time fair crowd, I understand that, unless I missed something. Whew!

Do you have any music videos that confuse you? Or do you forego the videos and head straight to the tunes? (That is what I do, I listen while I work, thus my surprise at the insidious blood inserts in the images.) So, whatcha got? Confusion? Odd videos? Cruel Roman Emperors? Revelations? Revolutions? Killers? Boots? Killer Boots? It is a wild and wide field for your posting pleasure this fine Sunday evening.

As always, good sirs and madams, thank you most kindly for your support of DeadSplinter and DUAN.

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  1. Hmm. I don’t know about confusing, but the video for Tool’s “Sober” disturbed the hell out of me as a teenager and has stuck with me all these years. It’s an odd one. 

  2. I never cared about videos.  Most of the time I found them to be completely without merit or meaning.  Which makes the irony here particularly hilarious because I couldn’t find the authorized version of this song without the video.

    Queensryche – Revolution Calling


  3. Well, speaking of Emperors (warning: I’m in an exceptionally shitty mood):
    The Empire State has one. This normally doesn’t bother NYC much, because we have Mayors who fight back. Alas, we’ve had a perfect storm of perhaps the most hapless and only slightly corrupt Mayor (ThriveNYC anybody?) and a power-mad Governor. This is fine. Giuliani feuded with Pataki. Giuliani got his way. Pataki was Governor for 12 years. I can’t think of a thing he did and I lived through all of it. “Mayor 9/11” basically went to Pataki on 9/11/01 and said, “Shut up, stay out of this, and write the checks.” How times have changed.
    You can imagine where this argument is going but I’ll stop and spare you. Here’s “Empire State of Mind,” one of my favorite songs. 

  4. On a more light-hearted note, with Emperor Cuomo Maximus Il Due taking on water like the Titanic 15 minutes after it started moving away from the iceberg, let’s don our Revolutionary Costume for Today!


  5. On an even better note, this is perhaps Alvin Ailey’s most famous work. It goes on for quite a while. If you’ve ever seen an Alvin Ailey performance, and I’ve seen about a dozen, the program changes, and there is post-Ailey (RIP) content, but this is ALWAYS performed. 

    • I need to amend my comment. What’s ALWAYS performed is the last segment, “Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham.” It’s usually the finale, as it is here. I would not swear under oath that I was at this particular performance, but I saw an Alvin Ailey show at Lincoln Center circa 2015 so my happy white face might be in this audience! 

  6. I’m unfashionably late to this party, but here’s my entry. 
    Back in the day when I was at a friend’s house, their older sibling was watching MTV–Beavis and Butthead, to be precise. It was that portion of the show where they “heh, heh” over random weird music videos…and this was the featured one of the day. We walked into the den at around the same time as the guy washing himself with the toilet brush came onscreen (0:52). So bizarre. I still remember it and just now found the name of the song and band. 
    Daisy Chainsaw, “Love Your Money” 

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