DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Every Time I Think of You

‘Every Time I Think of You’ was the lead single of ‘The Babys‘ (Michael Corby, John Waite, Tony Brock, Wally Stocker) 1979 album ‘Head First.’

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  1. i dont want….anybody else….when i think about you i touch myself….
    why….why did you have to do that to me…..its gonna take years to get that stupid song out of my head again now….

  2. Not quite on topic, 
    I have *ANOTHER* (and NEW!) favorite version, of one of my beloved Sam Cooke classics💖💓💞
    J Hud is simply amazing.
    She’s one of the absolute BEST singers of our era, I am SO glad I’ve been able to see her grow, ever since she was on Idol, and DAMN does the woman have both an amazingly powerful instrument in her voice, AND the ability to work it to a masterful level.
    The part where she *walks AWAY from her mic,* and just uses the acoustics and her voice…
    She’s a goddamn MASTER.
    And she can both gift goosebumps, and tears, with the beauty & feeling she communicates with her voice💖

    Variety has a bit more on the performance here;
    Jennifer Hudson Delivers a Knockout ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ to Cap DNC Night 3 (Watch)

  3. Going slightly off topic, because I heard a different Poison song the other day, which made me think of how much I love *this* one… 
    So on the *slightly related* topic of Believing…

    And because my phone’s being a butt and I have to edit to fit the other two in,

    The ‘Jovi for ☝️That😉

    And the NEW ‘Jovi, that i just discovered tonight;

  4. And THIS ONE was the other one I was trying to remember last night–all I could remember was the “Every time I think of you, I always catch my breath…”
    But I was thinking it was “When I See You Smile, and that one *didn’t* have the right lyrics!😉
    John Waite;

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