Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Extended Family

Sometimes death in a family will bring out the worst in family dynamics & sometimes it brings out the best.  I’ve experienced both, but the last week I have seen the best of extended family.  We spent a week dealing with the death of my wife’s hoarding uncle, throwing out & selling his lifetime collections of tools, guns, cars & parts, NRA stuff and things that made me think of his racist past.  I also had to go thru his life’s work of art & photos that made me sad to dump somebody’s life work.  We also got to see his good side thru friends that stepped up to help and say nice things about him (some very diverse friends that accepted his racism as just a part of growing up in that generation).   The best part though was the extended family that lived in the area and made sure we wouldn’t stay up all night doing this so would invite us over for meals & drinks each night to make sure our days ended in happy reflection and lots of wine & beer.  Enjoy your family people, they are the only one you have.



  1. Condolences to you and your family. This is a song by Dermot Kennedy. For island fires and family. Although a different island than the one that you share with us. He starts slow, adds some gospel flavored background and finishes a little more uptempo. Hang in there.

  2. Seven Days of Motorhead, pt.5

    Eventually, even Lemmy took his turn with the Bo Diddley beat. By now Mikkey Dee had replaced Philthy Animal, who had recently left the band for the second and final time.

  3. Family is a mix of everything. My mom’s side fell apart due to the assholish tendencies of her brothers (and in laws.)

    Had probably the worst interview I’ve had in 5 years. Due to being dead tired and sluggish from lack of sleep. Part due to night shift and part having had to study for and write a test (for a work related course.)

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