DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Feeling Gravity’s Pull

What do Sir Isaac Newton and Michael Stipe have in common? They were born on this day 317 years apart – in 1643 and in 1960. Sir Isaac developed the laws of gravity and Michael sang about them a few centuries later.

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    • Yea, the Klaxons! I won’t say they’re underrated because they received much love for their debut album (even winning the Mercury Prize that year over Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black–with which I was and still am OK). But they they were a terrific band whose sound encapsulated some of the brightest promises of the mid-Aughts.

  1. It’s also Dave Foley’s birthday. Apparently, he’s had a close connection to several turn-of-the millennium indie classics.

    As he tells it, Aimee Mann wrote “Save Me” about him.

    Aimee Mann, “Save Me”

    And he also claims to have funded Rilo Kiley’s demo tape (smart move).

    Rilo Kiley, “The Good That Won’t Come Out” 

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