DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Fire

image of cozy fireplace
I don't know who uploaded this image to the media library, but thank you whomever it was

Sooo I came into my office today and there is no heat. I put in 2 service requests and at 4:30 someone finally came to check on it.

I was looking for images to warm me up and started thinking about fire. What do you have to warm me up, Deadsplinters?

Me, right now:

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  1. I got Jungle Fire – Firewalker to keep you warm dancing…

    and if you are still cold, The Aggrolites – Funky Fire


  2. and this should just be saved for Xmas morning…


    • im not entirely sure whats going on there
      but its a lot

      • That was funny as fuck. I needed a good laugh.

    • not sure what the hell happened there, maybe this will work?


  3. what do i have to warm me up…..uhhh… well im currently wearing two sweaters…and its not even really that cold here…..turns out severe weightloss has side effects

  4. This is the first song that came to mind. 

    Patti Page – Stem Heat


    • Dammit, STEAM HEAT!

      • STEM Heat, science, but make it sexy.

  5. A big hunk o’ fire

    And just plain fi-yah

  6. Heat waves

    Heat wave


  7. …sounds like your office heating could do with a shakedown…so here’s the “urban shakedown remix” of fire…if all else fails dancing to it certainly warmed us up back in the day?

  8. Graham Parker & The Rumour – Heat Treatment

  9. You can’t give me a theme like “fire” and expect me to stop at just one.

  10. My first thought: 
    My second, polar opposite, thought is this one that we’ve been putting on for ambiance and Lil has been loving it. An upgrade on the classic fireplace video:

    • Damn, no editing and I don’t know why that first video didn’t work. I’ll try one more time… 

  11. It’s Monday and you want heat? Sheesh. Millennial …
    TMBG – You’re on Fire


  12. But if you get too burnt,  you can’t come back home

    The Jam – Funeral Pyre


    • The Tragically Hip Fire in the Hole

  13. Papa Roach- Burn

  14. Fire in the disco. Fire in the disco. Fire in the…Taco Bell.

    • Oh, shoot. I meant to post this for “I’m on fire”  instead of the Springsteen.

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