DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Florida

It’s National Florida Day! So, grab your gator and a six pack of Bud and let’s get this party started.

Happy Tuesday y’all! Hope you had a sunshiny kind of day! As always – thanks for your support and stopping by.



  1. Animal Collective, “FloriDada”

    Cex, “Florida (Is Shaped Like A Big Droopy Dick For A Reason)”

  2. Joe Bonamassa doing a great cover of Eric Clapton’s “Mainline Florida.”


    • I almost used the Clapton version – but was like GFY Eric Clapton. This is much better.

  3. Church Girls – Florida


    Beach Skulls – Sacred Citrus


  4. I think this was shot in Florida. For me, it has a strong FLA vibe, anyway.

    We Are Scientists – Return the Favor

    And since it’s Tuesday, I can cover my arse with this one.

    Less Than Jake – Gainesville Rock City

  5. i like it

    i didnt know it before now…i just went with fuck whatever the topic is…coz im grumpy

    • and for my twofer fuck florida…

      im going to france…coz fuck the topic

  6. Miami Memory


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