DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Fly Like An Eagle

Today is the day that Amelia Earhart completed the first solo flight from Honolulu, Hawaii to Oakland, California – which is actually a longer distance than the US to Europe. She disappeared two years later attempting to fly around the world. These are for you Amelia – wherever you ended up!

As always – thanks for your support!



  1. Cake – Comfort Eagle

  2. It’s taking me every bit of self-control I have NOT to post “I Believe I Can Fly”.

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, “Learning to Fly” 

    NewDad, “Ladybird”



  4. Going with a couple of old favorites.

    Buffalo Springfield – Expecting to Fly


    Eric Burdon and the Animals – Sky Pilot


  5. ill fly away !

    oh and the twofer i meant to start with

  6. I’m having no luck with this editing business, and I’m having to edit because a certain unnamed person who goes by @hannibal stole my song.  Ignore this post.

    • It was Sky Pilot, wasn’t it? Sorry

      • @hannibal, no not Sky Pilot.  The Buffalo Springfield.  It’s one gorgeous tune.

        • It is

  7. I’ll go with an 80s trio. One is an aviation standard, the other two… not so much.


    • Merle also knocks this one out of the park.

  8. Amelia — Skott



    Amie — Pure Prairie League


    • I don’t think I ever realized that Cheap Trick was on this soundtrack.

    • Bonus twofer…



  9. The Avener Fly


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