Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Fly Me to the Moon 🌙

Good evening, Deadsplinter. Tonight’s DUAN theme is all things lunar. I’ve always loved moongazing ever since I was a small child.

Dancing in the moonlight, trips to the moon, falling in love under the moon. Let’s hear all your favorite songs about la lune.

Fly Me to the Moon
Moon River
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  1. Cesar Rosas:  Racing the Moon (from an excellent album he cut in the ’90’s called “Soul Disguise”

    Just for fun, this is Stu Hamm doing the first movement of Moonlight Sonata.  I would love to have heard him do the 2nd movement.


  2. The late great Gabby Pahinui – Blue Hawaiian Moonlight

    and this is not such a bad idea after what we have seen this week!  Balkan Riddims – Ganja on the Moon


  3. …I guess there are other songs I like that mention the moon…bad moon rising comes to mind, for example…but favorite…kinda got to go with another sage francis one if I’m being honest?

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