Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Flying Cowboys

Today, I finally found Rickie Lee Jones Flying Cowboys on vinyl.
About a week and a half ago we stayed in [college town].
We drove through campus and I pointed out all of the places we lived together. I thought of you on your birthday and sent silent wishes. 
I hope you feel more joy than sadness and are feeling the love.

Meg’s College Roommate

I received the above email out of the blue the other day and was reminded that we listened to this CD every night in our dorm room freshman year.

I won’t give you the exact amount of time, but that’s a long time to be looking for something on vinyl.

Got any albums in mind that have been eluding your grasp?

Thank you for your continued support of Deadsplinter!



  1. I was listening to this the other day and thinking how it would make a good DUAN entry.  What is interesting is how musically, it’s the complete composition, but he hasn’t quite worked out where he wants to take it lyrically.  Also, pretty ballsy move to be willing to play it live before it’s in its final form:

  2. I used to have an unopened and an open Third Stage by Boston and I have no idea where they possibly could have gone because I never removed them from my boxes of records…I never really listened to it all that much but the mystery bothers me when I think about it.

  3. This fruit is low but worthy.
    Thin Lizzy – Cowboy Song / The Boys Are Back In Town – Live in Loreley 1981 (Remastered)

  4. Once upon a time I had a bloody shitload of CDs.  Then, when Mrs. Butcher and I were planning our wedding, we realized we needed to sell a bunch of our shit to pay for it and the honeymoon.  It wasn’t anything elaborate, but we were poor, poor, poor.  So, my CD collection was sold, among other things, and today I would like to have most of them back–mostly due to the issues with DRM and digital downloads, not because of the marriage:)
    Anyway…Cowboy Junkies – To Love is to Bury


  5. …kind of the opposite of the brief & all…but this is an album I’m basically glad to no longer share extended car journeys with…although I guess I might have kind of a soft spot for this one number?

    …& as coincidence would have it…I could say the same of this

  6. I like this British band from the late 60’s/early 70’s called Audience and for some reason I never got their first album. So I recently did since it got a nice reissue a few years ago.

    Audience – “Harlequin”

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