Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Food Glorious Food

Food You Can Sing About

Since all of you lovely Deadsplinter peeps seem to love gardening and cooking – what are your fave songs about food?

Are you hungry yet? Hit us with some tasty musical treats…



  1. By the way, a little Oliver! The Musical trivia (because I have some):

    Mark Lester, the boy who played Oliver, later went on to become an osteopath and opened his own clinic in Cheltenham. He was one of Michael Jackson’s closest friends and is the godfather to Jackson’s three children. 

    The guy who played Bill Sykes was the legendary Oliver Reed. Yes, he was a fine actor and appeared in some good stuff, but he was legendary for his prodigious drinking, to the point where whenever he appeared on a chat show that’s all the hosts wanted to talk about (including Johnny Carson, who was no slouch when it came to having a cocktail or a dozen, but that was kept well-hidden from the public.) 

    Reed died while on location in Malta filming 1999’s Gladiators. He went on one of his benders and challenged/was challenged by five members of Britain’s Royal Navy to arm wrestling contests. (Britain still maintains a large naval base there.) Reed beat every one of them then later that night suffered a fatal heart attack. He was 61. 

  2. I’m still enjoying summer fruits, even if we’re past Labor Day. 
    Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett), “Peach, Plum, Pear” 

    Apples In Stereo, “Strawberryfire” 


    • And because I botched the posting from mobile yesterday, I’m shouting out this track again. I swear this episode made me crave frybread, and specifically frybread tacos. They’re a staple at pow wows and other Native American, Indigenous, First Nations festivals and events, but a few lucky locales can find them on the daily. And for that alone, I truly envy you. 


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