Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Free For All

Thanks for coming around.



  1. Freedom 90


    Free Sway


  2. Fantastic stuff Keitel!  I’ve been on a search for new to me music & this hits the spot.

    and my twofer is the new Viagra Boys song just out today!


    • @Loveshaq 

      I really like Dry Cleaning. That was a weird sentence to type. Also in case if you didn’t know, Amy Taylor in the second video is the lead singer in this band.

      • I’ve heard some stuff from this band but didn’t put that together!  Thanks for that.  

      • Keitel, the Riot Vans and Lazy Chain are two good adds for my playlist.  Good job.

    • Great John Prine cover from Viagra Boys.

  3. and the new OSees live stuff is fucking rocking!!!


  4. Sweet – Ballroom Blitz


  5. My toofer

    Generational – When They Fight They Fight


  6. 1. Taking the theme at its word, courtesy of Chan Marshall:

    2. Taking the theme at its phrase, I’m re-posting my entry from the New Music post, since I was late to it and probably no one saw it.


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