1. Left to my own devices, I usually default to some bird group doo-wop.  Here’s some fine stuff of the proto variety from the great Gene Mumford & The Larks, out of NYC (not to be confused with Don Julian & The Larks out of California or The Four Larks out of Philly).  And yes, this early doo-wop hit was written by Claude Debussey.  

    The Larks started out as a gospel group, one of the iterations of the ongoing Selah Jubilee Singers.  Here’s some rare footage of them performing, showing just how sexy gospel music could be.

  2. Free…bird….yes, this is a 12-minute version of this song. Instrumental solos galore. The wall-size Confederate flag is a special bonus, and since this was filmed in Britain God knows how they acquired one, but I hope the Brits were blissfully unaware of its significance.

  3. I’m going to pull the wild card and shout out to Futon, a Thai band I heard about a decade or so ago who fully deserve your love and money. 
    Futon, “Love So Strong” 

    Futon, “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (Live at NYLON Music Night Out) 

    Futon, “Talk of the Town” 

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