Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Free For All

Thanks for coming around.



  1. damnit….you are late….i already wrote up an emergency take over and everything
    fuckit…double duan free for all 😀

    • a certain ratio is right up my alley…thank you for that

      • I warmed up for them back in the day.

  2. @Myopicprophet turned me onto this fellow;

    I have tickets to see this fellow here in town at the end of the year;



  3. Flat Worms – Goodbye Texas



    • oh…..that is nice

  4. I’ve posted this guy before but this was a really great breakdown of the song. 

    • love tom petty 🙂

  5. Widowspeak, “The Good Ones” 

    • ooooh I like this.

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