Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Free For All

I have been getting strange suggestions as I look for DUAN songs. Here are three examples.

This one just showed up. The song is “Honey, We Are Chatting” off the album “Confessions In A Chatroom” by the band Coleco Music. The album was released in 2006.

The next song is “Social Skills” by the band Bohemian Machines. This one shows up every so often.

And last but not least is “Living In A Box” by Living In A Box. This one comes up again, again, and again.

Hit me up with all your WTF suggestions you get.



  1. I got the Avocado Song:

      • I would give you more stars if I could 

  2. Of course, there is also Some People, from the musical Gypsy…


    • …sort of like a gypsy man, maybe?

  3. Me too, I got a rapper called Yo Gotti *offensive language warning*




    And a band called The Toques


  4. I don’t know why, but my semi-sentient Infinite Shuffle Playlist of the Spotless Mind has been recommending late-era King Crimson to me a lot lately.  I believe it may be a message from an alternate universe. 

    • Fripp and his wife Toyah have been doing these great little videos lately.

      • In a cool way or just odd?

        • Definitely not cool. But I’ve known a few kids of rockers from that era and they were all pretty odd so they probably came by it honestly. 

  5.  80’s soft rock, originals and covers, it’s weird.





  6. I’m not into ASMR, not even once, but I’ve been getting these no dialogue foreign? language close-up baking demos  (yes, baking deserts) that borders somewhere near ASMR with crunchy close-ups (shit you not).>>>>>>>> Also, MUSICA FLAMENCA ROMANTICA ESPAÑOLA INSTRUMENTAL 10 HORAS too. >>>>>>>>>>> I’ll spare y’all.  Happy Friday!

  7. This just autoplayed for some reason?

    • In something of a similar vein – on my list of suggestions from YouTube (a site where I seldom, if ever, log in):

      • I literally lol’d at this one.

  8. This was the first thing suggested to me on the Youtube:

    Interesting choice. I hadn’t thought about that in years.

      • Ha. Totally.
        I wonder why I never wrote in to Night Flight.

        • Too bad the licensing would be horrible. I would buy the box set in a heartbeat.

  9. Most of the music I get is fairly listenable but it’s stupid shit like this that makes me go, “What the fuck?”

  10. Sorry, I can’t think.  I have been consumed with this song with two of my favorite guitarists all day.  I have listened to it all day and still can just say, What the Fuck!!!!!  These guys just blow me away!!!!

  11. I have no idea where this came from. . . .
    Alex G – “Sarah”

  12. And I really have no idea where this came from. . . .
    Phoebe Cates – “Paradise (Discoring ’82)”

  13. *checks suggestions*
    uhh i just got this one

    that seems about right for me

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