Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Free Swim

Do what thou wilt

My playlists are already in the midsummer doldrums, so I’m, putting out the call for stuff to listen to. It can be new stuff, old stuff, doesn’t matter. I just want what you like. And no running around the pool or I’ll blow this whistle and you will be out of here, buster.

Thanks everyone for coming out tonight. I hope your summer has been tolerable thus far. Your Deadsplinter and DUAN participation is what makes it great.



  1. Hey, I like to swim!!!

    It’s a summertime thing


  2. I’ve been listening to Good For What Ails You Music From The Medicine Shows 1926 to 1937

    Pink Anderson and Simmie Dooley – Papa’s ‘Bout To Get Mad


    and yesterday Courtney Barnett released a single from her upcoming Nov LP release Things Take Time

    Rae Street


    Tour dates are up and she’s not coming to the usual towns near me. But @Loveshaq, she’ll be in Seattle on Dec 14



    • Sorry for the double song post.

      • *added to playlist*
        im gonna have to watch out i dont start posting songs yous all recomended to me
        its getting hard to keep track of ….lol
        *first world problems*

        • @farscythe I’m pretty sure I’ve done that once or twice with something @Elliecoo recommended. I need a spreadsheet.

    • Pink Anderson and Simmie Dooley and Courtney Barnett are all real good.

    • @Hannibal, I am so on it!  Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Summertime playlist refresh, here we go. 
    Cayucas – “Swimsuit” 

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)” 

    Frank Ocean, “Swim Good” 

  4. Brolin Swim Deep

    Dekker This Here Island


  5. Expand your mind

    • Those Flying Dutchman Lonnie Liston Smith records are terrific.  

    • That just made the playlist.

  6. adding a twofer….as you said play what you like
    i like this one…..its a blunt force instrument

  7. Aquabats – Pool Party!


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