Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Get Away

As in going somewhere, not robbing a bank

Vaccines are happening. Things are opening up. People are antsy and want to go places. I’ve been thinking about planning a trip – to the beach maybe or New Zealand – of course not right now, but hopefully in the not too distant future. It’s nice to think about somewhere that is not my house. 

What about you Deadsplintalorians? Are you making any plans to get away? As always – thanks!



  1. Considering how screwed up–and expensive–everything is right now, we’re not planning to cash in our flight credit with SW (from a trip that we had to cancel last year) until next year.  The plan is to visit my mother in NM.

    Raging Slab – Anywhere But Here


  2. “Every single day”

    I’ve got lots of vacations planned, summer is always a blur.  I’m sure you can guess where this is going…


  3. okay, one more than I Gotta Get Away

  4. plans…naw…not yet…homelife aint ripe for holidays this year..
    i plan to visit every greek island i can tho….but..thats not gonna be me next holiday
    farscy wants to go to the nordic fjords next…in winter….preferably in a little cabin a good long hike away from the nearest town…..that sounds awesome to me

    • A cabin in Norway sounds awesome to me too. 

  5. Looking forward to international travel, whenever it happens. We are going to be very, very careful, so 2022 at the earliest.
    Pixies – All Over the World


  6. I think I could be a hermit.

    And one for Mattie

  7. Another standard written by Matt Dennis and Tom Adair (2 days in a row!)

    A most sample-able old jam from Greg Perry

  8. Nothing exotic, I’m hoping to visit a few old friends in several cities.

    Still Woozy – Vacation




    Vacationer – Trip



  9. We go home


  10. Camera Obscura, “Let’s Get Out of This Country” 

    Ricky Nelson, “Travelin’ Man” 

  11. Hey look here comes Meg with the low hanging fruit

  12. It’s been over a decade since I visited friends in Cali.

    80s cheez, but I liked that part of Florida

    Always like coming home though.

    • I have to confess – I love the song Key Largo.

    • Every summer we go to California


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