Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Get Your Rocks Off!

GWARsenio Hall is my hero!

It doesn’t matter how you get off, just that you GET YOUR ROCKS OFF!

But if 90’s Club Hits are more of your thing, the Late Night crew has some metal versions for you…

and if you need a bunch of Foreplay and it takes you a Long Time to get your Rocks Off, we got you covered…

Hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Also, hope I don’t get sued by Lemmy for copyright infringement! Enjoy your Late Night, even if you only lasted 2 Minutes.



  1. Did you say 90’s clubs?


  2. Alice in Chains – Stone


  3. Is 90 seconds a long time?  Asking for a friend.

  4. Might as face it you’re addicted to love

    Robert Palmer



    • dammit

      might as well face it

  5. Not quite on the nose, but let’s face it, the whole song is about getting your rocks off:

  6. Dust:




    Little Rock:

    On the Rocks:






    Black Hole:



  7. The Hellacopters – Riot on the Rocks

    The Heartbreakers – Chinese Rocks


  8. My apologies if, by the time this posts, someone beats me to one of these hot hits. Took a while to compile.
    There was a very funny commenter on Jezebel whose user name was RockYouLikeaHermanCain. This one is for you:

    Then there’s this gem:

    This is a broadcast from 1960 and the song was somewhat of an “oldie” even by then, but still very popular:


    Wedding reception favorite (note a very young Fred Snyder doing “The Swim”)

    These boys are barely moving at all, but it’s a very beautiful song and quite moving. I sing this to my dog sometimes, when he’s on the bed and it’s just the two of us and I’m trying to get him to calm down.



    • I remember that handle from Jez!

  9. if you have kids…..what can i say

    welp…guess im gonna spend another couple months with it stuck in my head
    still shocked he can

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