Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Gifting

Enter the Holiday Octagon

Photo of wrapped holiday gifts.
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The Christmas onslaught is upon us. We’ve had a stupid-busy October and November, and now the real work begins. Are you an early shopper? Maybe you’re done already? Or are you a down-to-the-last-minute gifter? Do you have to buy for a big extended family, or just a few people?



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  1. i has a gift for you! a gift of pain!

    for the most part i dont do gifts anymore…..i has a small group of people…all adults

    if i do a gift….its gonna be a serious money gift coz i know they want it but cant afford it….and i can (hey it doesnt happen often….hard to buy shit for adults)

    so yeah….the farscy presents are few and far between

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