Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Gone Too Soon

Evening dear Deadsplinter friends! With the recent passing of the lovely Olivia Newton-John, it got me thinking about other artists that died too soon. Although 73 is young, at least she had a good career full of hits and movies. Some others haven’t. Which artist do you think left us before their work was done?

I really wish Nick Drake had been able to produce more songs. His small catalog is really astounding. He almost made it to the 27 Club, but passed away at age 26 from an overdose.

From the 27 Club – Jim Morrison from The Doors. Who knows what kind of ethereal and haunting music would’ve come from them if ol Jim had stayed with us.

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  1. and for my twofer

    the brightest lights burn the shortest

    • age restricted?

      for why?

      • Farscy, I think it might be because down in the comments they get to talking about his drinking, drug use, and his suicide.


        The kid was SO good, but he was living a life (just the sheer touring that he was doing!), which made it reeeeally hard to stay healthy–he dealt with a LOT of pancreatitis, something that you can tend to start getting fairly easily, when you’re stressed & unable to eat healthily.


        Adding in the alcohol consumption he often mentioned in relation to his pancreatitis (makes it happen more often & worsens it), and it’s tragic, but also wasn’t entirely unsurprising to learn that he’d committed suicide after he found that he had to retire from touring.💔

        Even though that type of music isn’t my regular stuff, his death hit hard.

        The kid was SO damn talented, so universally beloved, and I groked really well that whole pancreatitis thing.💔💔💔

        I wished SO much that he could’ve held on a while longer & found a new groove to work from–he was SO good at production that I’m positive he would’ve had folks traveling to him (much like Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis did-with folks coming to Mpls during the 80’s & 90’s!), and could’ve named his price & settled down *wherever* he wanted to.

        • never seen a video get restricted because of the comments before…but yeah could be that i guess

          i do wonder what else he would have come up with if he’d still been around

  2. SRV did an interview, not long before he was killed at 35, in which he said he wanted to do a lot more slide guitar in future albums.  This most excellent cover of the Hound Dog Taylor classic is just a taste of what we could have received.

    Give Me Back My Wig


  3. Mark Linkous – Sparklehorse

    Otis Redding

    Judee Sill

  4. Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon comes to mind, just shy of being part of the 27 club, just turned 28…

    and in Hawaiian music, Israel’s brother Skippy was a founding member of the Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau and also died at 27.  One of the most important bands in Hawaiian music and the reason you know of IZ and every bit as good a singer!


  5. and the one who I believe is still changing music, Bradley Nowell  was 28…

  6. Stiv Bators, too soon at 40

    Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer


  7. Lords Of The New Church – Russian Roulette


  8. Joe Strummer – Passport to Detroit

  9. Amy’s one of the first itching of,and since we already have Back to Black, I’m sharing another.

    Plus Sam, Tupac, & one of my favorite Marley ones…


    And that time Queen did that little show at Wembley;


  10. i dont mind…lol….guess i wont comment on all the others then…*sigh*

    welp probably for the best…im running late for work anyways

  11. Biggie. Sean P. Phife Dawg, EOM, MF Doom and I know I am missing others.

  12. Blackalicious.

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