Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Gonna Be Big

When you get a surprise record in the mail and realize your wife gets you.



  1. Seeing as it has been brought to my attention recently that some people were too intimidated by assholes to post to the original DUAN site…and it has been mentioned to me from certain people since we started DUAN on DeadspinRIP and here on Deadsplinter that they feel uncomfortable trying to measure up when posting songs…

    …and that the new team responsible for DUAN here on Deadsplinter seems adamant to ensure EVERYONE is loved regardless of theme or genre choice, I’m going to go out of my way to post a song that has nothing to do with anything save for the fact that it’s just one of my favourite songs (again) right now…Burning In Love by Honeymoon Suite:

  2. DUAN has no rules except the asshole one. Where else can I unapologetically share my favorite Anne Murray song?

    And, originally DUAN was established as anything goes posting. Not just music.

  3. Thank you, Myopicprophet and Keitel, for reinforcing that DUAN is a safe place for music lovers of all tastes. Whatever moves you is all that matters!

    It also allows me to safely admit that I love ABBA!!!
    …and Lemmy loved ABBA, too!

  4. Nobody should be intimidated by what people post, I like to try to post something I found that other people may not have yet discovered but I don’t judge other peoples choices since mine run from classical to metal, Hawaiian to Afro-Cuban, Reggae to Polka & everything in between. Recently I have been listening to too much of this bands covers of Van Halen & their Hall & Oats cover album.

  5. …if we’re going for the full when-I-was-young-&-din’t-know-no-better thing I guess I can admit that the first album anyone bought little ol’ jake back in the hazy mists of time we call the ’80’s was…well…

    …y’all promised not to judge – remember?

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