Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Good Luck Everybody

Andrew Jackson Jihad

I’ve been listening to the entire catalog of Andrew Jackson Jihad recently. I don’t know how this band flew under my radar for so long but they are really fun. My favorite album of theirs is Good Luck Everybody which is mostly about Trump and the ruin he brought us.

This video is a true classic! Please watch it all the way through.

This song is completely about their hate of Trump!

They don’t only sing about politics, they also give great life advice…

or they just tell it like it is…

and sometimes it is just about great storytelling…

Have a great Friday-eve and good luck everybody.



  1. My daughter loves AJJ but she never told me about that video, it’s awesome.

    Million Miles – Just Dumb Luck


    Pokey LaFarge –  Good Luck Charm



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