Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Grab Bag

No theme tonight. Share some stuff that has been sitting around.

Solid Orange



Thanks for coming around.



  1. The debut Yard Act album is finally out. @Loveshaq spotlighted them in a DUAN last year.

    Yard Act, “Quarantine the Sticks”

    Yard Act, “The Overload”


    I also dug out this old EP, which features an early Aughts IDM cover of The Smiths that I still love to this day.

    Schneider TM, “The Light 3000”

  2. The Rialtos were a Puerto Rican doo-wop group from the Bronx formed in 1951.  They were really popular locally but only made one record in 1961 for the Cb label.  King Curtis and his group were the backup band and it was a perfect record.  For some reason, it never got released but it was taken off the shelf by the label immediately after the Kennedy assassination and became a hit.



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