Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Guerrilla Splinter

SkaCore & More!

No, we are not changing our name around here though this wouldn’t be such a bad change! Guerrilla Splinter is a SkaCore band from Santiago Chile.  Their new album, Juego De Ratas Volumen 2, will definitely get you moving or running for your life! Since we just had Dia de los Muertos, what better way to celebrate than this song that translates to “Back to the Living”

Although they do also have one about the “Smell of Death”

This one is kind of timely, it translates to “The Guerrillas are Arming Themselves”

You may have guessed they are gamers, this one is the “Rat Game”

I could see a certain foreign Deadsplinterite liking this one…

and this one reminds me of if Ministry played ska!

and I will leave you with this lovely single and amazing artwork…

Hope this was able to scare all the rats out of your cellar & onto the dance floor.



  1. i just discovered adding core to any word gives interesting results in youtube

    splintercore gave me this

    it even assumed i didnt really mean to type splinter

    gardencore led me here

    barbiecore gave me a bunch of feminist videos…..which is oddly hilarious…no music tho

    but no worries i can do barbie

    hmmm…..maybe could have worded that better

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