Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Guilty Pleasures

Post a song or songs that you’re kinda embarrassed to admit how much you love.

what songs do you crank up the volume and dance and sing along to when no one else is in the car?

Thanks for playing this very last minute thrown together edition of DUAN!

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  1. this ones irresistible to me

    not sure if im still capable of embarrasment tho…i think its a finite resource and i ran out

  2. I don’t really have guilty pleasures anymore. I like what I like and am not embarrassed to admit it. But when I was younger I was way too cool to like a lot of stuff that I enjoy now. BTW, Cake By The Ocean is awesome.


    Abba –

    • Screwed up my comment in the edit.


      • “Waterloo” is nothing to be ashamed of. Abba won Eurovision 1974 with it and began their ascent to beyond-superstardom (movies! the Broadway show!)

        I don’t know of any other performer/group that had any kind of traction after winning Eurovision, let alone have a “greatest hits” movie with a plot as thin as an eyelash and yet the movie has Meryl Streep attached to it.

        • France Gall had a stellar career after winning Eurovision (controversially, for Luxembourg and not France), but she was a well-known quantity before Eurovision as well.

  3. My Catholic upbringing conditioned me to feel guilty about a lot of things, but thank goodness enjoying corny music is not one of them.

    In fact, I’m twirling around the room to this song right now with my hair extensions flying.

  4. I’m never embarrassed about the songs I like but I do get shit from some of my friends when certain songs come on in my playlists…




  5. At this stage, I have few guilty pleasures music-wise: I like what I like and it need not make sense.

    But this is a prime example of a band I either detest or feel “meh” about who manage to produce one song I actually quite like and often revisit.

    Hard-Fi, “Hard To Beat” 

    Oh, and Cher Lloyd is also rather talented and does better the further she goes from Simon Cowell’s poisonous web. These were surprisingly high on my Spotify listens last year.

    Cher Lloyd, “None Of My Business” 

    Cher Lloyd, “M.I.A”

    • You know, there’s a line dance that goes along with this, of course there is, but I can’t find a video of it.

  6. Whelp! Is this ever the perfect DUAN for me?! Instead of listing an exorbitant amount of songs I think I’ll defer to @keitelblacksmith‘s judgement and assume he’ll post something appropriate in reply to this comment.

  7. Huh. I am not ashamed or guilty about my musical choices. This, however, may be slightly out of character for me, but I like it.


  8. Drives my wife crazy, but I absolutely love this song. I harmonize with it and get super into it, and she just hates it.


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