Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Hands

Give yourself a hand people!

Let’s talk about the appendage most taken for granted, the hand. As I type this with my hands, I think about how little music we would have if we had no hands. So tonight I’m asking that you Give Me A Hand

and I know it’s hard to give people a helping hand while waiting for the Hand of Doom

I’m not always right but I will never give you Left Handed Kisses

So great Dead Splinterites, Put Your Hands Up High

Get off your asses people cause you know what they say about Idle Hands

I think you will agree this was the best DUAN, hands down!



  1. i dont take my hands for granted tho…. side effect of me job….hands and fingers are the most commonly lost parts… i still have all of mine and intend to keep it that way
    *sticks hand in to running machinery to remove debris*

    • I saw Jay McShann play with Doc Cheatham.  Doc was probably 88 at the time so Jay would have been around 77.  At one point, Doc announced a song they were going to do and it was supposed to start with Jay on piano.  After a few bars, Doc stops him and says, “no it goes like this…” and scats a bit.  Jay nods his head and starts again.  Doc stops him again and scats the passage one more time.  Jay starts up again and Doc stops him, saying, “you know the notes, you just don’t know the tune.”  It was hilarious.

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