Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Hangouts

Location, location, location

It’s DUAN Friday night party time!

Where’s your go-to place to be? You know the one, your safe space where you can just be yourself? Where can you be found hanging out, alone or with your friends? Some people have man caves or basements or clubhouses. Some people go to the beach or the park. What’s your place?

Thanks for hanging out with us tonight, Deadsplinter.

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  2. if I am not at the pub, I am probably in the kitchen…

  3. Unknown Hinson – Out On My Patio



  4. I like dreamland…


  5. i like hanging around in the harbour 

    cept mines an inland no tides…i just like sitting there watching the water and the pleasure boats….and listening to whatever new to me stuff i found that day

  6. I know where I’ll be


    • Or maybe not

  7. Since nobody else has posted it, I gotta. 



  8. I don’t really have a “place”, but I will work in the finished basement when Mrs. Butcher is home so I don’t monopolize the living room.

    Big Sugar – All Hell for a Basement


    • Unavailable ☹️

  9. Easy…

    [If the Habs win the Cup AND Italy wins Euro at the same time I might need more of a permanent vacation]

  10. I have young kids. Grocery runs and other errands are now synonymous with me-time. 
    Cars -Gary Newman 

  11. 🎵Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers🎵 
    The Beta Band, “Squares” 

  12. In the morning I’m leaving, making my way back to Cleveland…

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