Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Happy to be Home

Back where I belong

It was nice to be in New York again for a long weekend and all. I got to see people, including our daughter and to hug and make noise and dance. Watch two lovely young people get married. It was nice to see that many things stayed constant during the Lost Year of the Pandemic. New Jersey still smells bad, Long Island is still filled with snooty Brads in lacrosse shirts and wannabe mobsters, and you can still buy a decent knockoff Gucci clutch in Times Square for $10.

But damn, I’m happy to be home. Maybe something changed in me or maybe I just got old, but the middle of nowhere surrounded by critters is not a bad place to be. It suits me. The comfy couch on my back porch and my own bed, the little chores in the morning and the cool clear nights full of stars were calling me. My garden seemed to take a great leap forward in the five days or so I was gone. The horses and donkeys and dogs missed me and it’s nice to be missed. I may get the itch to ramble again in a few weeks, but today I’m good right here.

Yeah, I know this song is about a guy on death row dreaming of home in his final moments, but it’s a good one for singing in the shower, and it is in fact good to touch the green green grass of home.

Everybody needs a home.

I realize it’s not all perfect. Home is anywhere you hang your head, after all, and I still have to fix that light fixture in the dining room and the lawn could stand another mowing and I see some carpenter bees have made a next under an eave.

But home is still where I can be myself. I can choose not to shave, wear what I want and sing along in full voice with a stupid song if I damn well please. That’s worth something. In fact, I’m planning on putting on my own one-man Eurovision competition sometime in the coming days. Because that’s the kind of hairpin I am.



    • No, and I don’t know what’s taking so long.  I went up to the little pasture the pregnant donkey (Penny) is in, and she’s big as a house.  When I was cooking dinner a little while ago, I thought I saw the vet’s truck going up the hill so as soon as I finish eating I’m gonna walk up there and see what’s what.  

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