Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Have You Ever Seen The Rain

A few wise words and a few cool songs from American Treasure John Fogerty, and his dog Creedence, who took part in Rolling Stone’s remote concert series ‘In My Room’ (0:35 Have You Ever Seen The Rain, 3:10 Bad Moon Rising, 5:05 Long As I Can See The Light):

also, ‘Lookin’ Out my Back Door’:

and ‘Proud Mary’:

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  1. I saw him on Colbert the other night with the whole family doing Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Sweet. Damn COVID, I should be with my bro right now dancing in the Hilo Rain

  2. I know I’ve shared about my friends Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt and they did a concert at home tonight. Carrie and Danny start at 7 minutes in, with one of my favorite songs of hers…

  3. more fogerty @ home!

    “Centerfield”, “Down On The Corner”. “Long As I Can See The Light”, “Proud Mary”

    I love Centerfield but it reminds me of the absence of baseball…

    also, ‘Who’ll Stop The Rain’

    and ‘Lodi’

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