Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Heart’s Desire

We could make it up together.



  1. Come Home to Me, by Banfi
    Two versions . . .
    Hi Fi (Lush)

  2. Lo Fi (Stripped Down)

    • I like both versions but the Lo Fi just a little better.

  3. Is there gas in the car?

  4. I love Hoodoo Gurus! Sad what’s happening on Oz right now. Reminds me of another favorite band from Oz.

  5. “Green Hearts” – Luxury

  6. Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me

  7. …so, full disclosure – there may yet be another post that carries the doom-laden playlist my ingestion of news has running on loop alongside various ugly trains of thought…but if so it’s principally in an effort not to stink this joint up with that sort of thing…

    …it has an appearance from an aussie band…& a bunch of johhny cash…so for that reason as much as for the ad libs to the audience I have to go with sage this evening, I think?

  8. Also LOVE the Gurus. So many great Aussie bands…

    Midnight Oil – Only the Strong

  9. Mesarthim – Interstellar. For when your Australian black metal (Germ, Woods of Desolation, Autumn’s Dawn) needs more electronic.

    • Reminds me of Agalloch a lil bit.

      • …& now I have another tab open…

        …I swear you people are just trying to see if you can crash my browser every night…

  10. Courtney Barnett — Everybody Here Hates You

    Camp Cope — How to Socialise & Make Friends

  11. Courtney Barnett — City Looks Pretty

    Camp Cope — How to Socialise & Make Friends

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