DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Heat Waves

I really like Glass Animals – aside from the serious good music, they strike me as smart, kind young men who are handling fame well. Two years ago their drummer was in a terrible bike accident, suffering brain damage and multiple injuries. They stopped touring and waited for his recovery, only to be “pandemiced” a few shows into their 2020 tour.

The lead singer has been doing sweet live quarantine covers from his home, and watching his process is fun. This link is to his Heart Shaped Box cover. He is such a personable fellow, and so very talented.

Here are two versions of the new single, Heat Waves.

“Sometimes, all I think about is you
Late nights in the middle of June
Heat waves been faking me out
Can’t make you happier now

I just wonder what you’re dreaming of
When you sleep and smile so comfortable
I just wish that I could give you that
That look that’s perfectly unsad”

Acoustic version

The official video

Alrighty now! DUANsters, are you hot? Do tell!!!! And as always, thank you kindly for your support of DeadSplinter and DUAN.

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  1. Really hot on end of this road trip!

    • It’s going to be in the humid 90’s all week here. Hope you had a wonderful get away. My Food You Eat from yesterday ended with a Loveshaq shout-out and a food song.

      • I’ll have to check that out, been spotty cell coverage for 2 days.  Good trip but will be good to get home.  Nice having extra drivers but my teens inherited my lead foot!

  2. hot? very much so. when you open the door and go outside it’s like you open the door of the oven and step in. it’s only 96 but 110 with the damn humidity. edit: damn, the numbers are worse that I wrote…)


    Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – [Love Is Like A] Heat Wave

    and of course,

    Beverly Hills Cop (1984) – Opening & Truck chase

  3. I walked my dog at 7 am and it was already hot with 90% humidity. I felt gross.

    The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer In The City



    • So hot the dogs don’t want to go out!

      • Mine does, then she wants right back in. Forgets it’s hot, wants out, then in. Over and over.

  4. “Apropos of nothing”

    but anyway

    after enjoying the



    • Great choice, love BOC!

  5. Guys I don’t got much tonight, other than Donna Summer…. so that counts.  Hey anything from Midnight Special counts in my book.
    I’ve had a tough day so I’ve broken into the Capt’n and it’s half past “I love you, man” time. 
    So DUANers, I love you. I really, really do.

    • Hope your week goes better. Cheers to the Captain. 

      • Thanks, Ellie. <3

    • There are better days ahead, Poly. I’m sure of it.

    • hopefully it gets better. we love you too polly.
      captain? oh, morgan. that explains why he wasn’t on the bridge tonight! 🙂
      whatever you do, don’t mention the war!

      • Can’t thank you enough.

  6. Solar Heat

    Cal Tjader

  7. i guess ill go with this

    anyhoo…the missus n me broke up again…think this one may be for realsies….funnilly enough… we get along better when we are just friends…
    anyhoo…anyone in the market for a single farscythe?
    im mostly housebroken…and i cook

    • Farscythe, I am sorry for your break up with your Missus. I wish you the very best. Hopefully all will be as it must for you to have a good life, and be happy.

    • That’s rough, I’m so sorry.

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