Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Heaven

If the Devil is Six, Then Myo is Seven

Heaven...I'm in heaven

I’m not a man of faith, but I believe down deep that all dogs and Deadsplinterers will go to Heaven. I can think of one or two that will have to do some fast talking when they get to the doorman, but eventually, everybody gets in.

I’m looking for songs about Heaven, Paradise, or for those special reprobates among us (and you know who you are) the Other Place.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you (aka “The Elect”) who came out for tonight’s DUAN. You know heaven is a place called Deadsplinter.



  1. SRV – Riviera Paradise

    Fun story about this recording:  SRV told producer Jim Gaines he had this instrumental he wanted to record and Gains told him he only has six minutes of tape left.  SRV said “don’t worry, it’s only four minutes long.”  So, they dimmed the lights, rolled tape, and Gaines started watching the time code tick off six minutes, seven minutes, seven and a half minutes…

    Gaines is freaking out because they’re going to lose this session and there’s no way to recreate this kind of mood.  He’s jumping up and down in the control room, waving his arms, trying desperately to get someone’s attention, but they’re all in their own zone.  Eventually, he gets Chris Layton’s attention and gives him the “cut” sign.  Chris tries to get SRV’s attention, but he’s still in the zone.  Finally, with maybe a half a minute left, SRV looks up at Chris, who signals they need to wrap it up.  Just a few seconds after the final notes finished ringing, the tape came off the spool.  Total running time:  8:48.

    But while the earth sinks to its graveYou sail to the skyOn the crest of a wave
    So forget this cruel worldWhere I belongI’ll just sit and waitAnd sing my songAnd if one day you should see me in the crowdLend a hand and lift meTo your place in the cloud


    Orange Cake Mix, “Heaven is Rising” 

    Speaking of Cake, 
    Cake, “Sheep Go to Heaven (Goats Go to Hell)” 

    The Clash, “Straight to Hell” 


  4. just did a search of my music folder, and this is what came up:
    Heaven, Lamb

    Heaven, Bitter:Sweet

    Heaven Tonight, Hole

    Near Wild Heaven, R.E.M.

    As Heaven Is Wide, Garbage

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