DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Holy Shit, Somebody Dropped the Ball.

Quickest I could do on short notice.

I came here looking for today’s DUAN and…nothing’s here. I checked the scheduled posts and…nothing. So, here’s a guy with an Irish name playing blues.

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  1. i didnt even know it was saint pats day till everything turned green on me suddenly
    anyways…ill just leave this here coz i like the dubliners and the pogues

  2. Ah, I so enjoy Dermot Kennedy:

    All My Friends…

    You’ve Got the Power Over Me…



  3. That was me.  We had a power outage out here this afternoon and I hadn’t scheduled.  Could I take one for someone else or make up for it some other way?  I feel terrible about it.

    • lol you can have mine next tuesday if you want
      my puter time is pretty unpredictable over here at mo..

      • Thanks, farscythe, but if I’m still allowed, I’ll just take my regular Wedensday next week.  

    • Don’t feel terrible about it

      Heaven forbid you have a 

    • Luigi Vuoto If you want a make-up DUAN you can have this Sunday  – Your posts are always so interesting, that I hate to miss one. Plus…maybe more Cookie the Lamb photos could happen? DM me if you want it!

    • You’re in VA right? I heard there were a bunch of tornadoes in the South. Did storms know you down? I hope you were able to avoid the worst.  

      • There’s weird weather all around us right now.  Strangely, the few times a year that we lose power usually happen when there’s bad weather in the adjacent areas, not when it’s right on us.  We’re supposed to see the worst of the storms starting tonight.

  4. Congolese-Irish singer Soule

  5. Bloody Irish Boys – Get Drunk Tonight


  6. I apologize to everyone.  I had a DUAN all ready and didn’t schedule this morning and came back to a powerless home this afternoon.   There wasn’t even cell service up here for a few hours.  I deserve your scorn, derision, and harsh punishment, and I throw myself on the mercy of the community.  And my deepest thanks to @butcherbakertoiletrymaker for the save.  I owe you.

            • You bring out the good stuff as my punishment?  I like you.

      • Aye, aye, aye. The Undertones were my first thought for an Irish band to post.

  7. I know it wasn’t for me – but we’re slightly east of Atlanta and we’re supposed to get the mighty winds a little bit later tonight. Hopefully, our 100+ yr old oak tree doesn’t come down on our house.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!!!
    Mick with the Chieftains

  8. I always forget they’re from Dublin: 
    MBV, “Only Shallow” 

  9. The song that mentions the BEST parts of Ireland😉** and the version of the song which has the proper amount of bass in it😁🤗💖

    **my mom’s ancestors came primarily from Counties Cork & Kerry😉

  10. One of the best Irish songs ever recorded. If you’re ever taken a RyanAir flight you’ll know this woman is not lying.

  11. Luka Bloom – This Is Your Country

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