DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Hot Rods

It's fun, fun, fun til her Mom takes the GTO away...

Two nights in a row!!! Woohoo!! Tonight my offering is Hot Rods – while my first car was decidedly not a Hot Rod – it was a four door Peugeot sedan – one of my friends drove a 1969 red GTO Convertible for a while. Fast and Furious we were not. Technically, it was her mother’s car and she was only allowed to drive it a few times and under penalty of death if it got even a scratch – but damn that car was a beast.

So, Deadsplintalorians – buckle up and put the pedal to the metal – and thanks for comin’ round.



  1. The Rev likes his hot rods…


  2. Beach Boys – Little Duece Coupe



    Ramones – Go Li’l Camero Go


  3. Hot Rod Lincoln


  4. Shoot! I missed your original post of the same song (hangs head in shame). It is a classic!

    • Double the fun I say!

  5. I would prefer to drive a Voodoo Cadillac

    or even a ’63 Impala

  6. my last car was a panda….it was a wonderful shitbox..occasionally bits would fall off it..and one time the seat mount broke….but that thing never stopped going….twas a little trooper..only car ive ever sold still running

  7. I almost forgot my favorite hot rod song!!!

  8. I love them too, but let’s all drive carefully in our favorite hot rods, everybody

  9. i feel like im comtractually obliged to leave this one here too

  10. One of the greatest pub rock bands.

    Eddie And The Hot Rods

  11. The Clash – Brand New Cadillac

    Fetchin Bones – Chicken Truck

  12. This is a hot rod, right?

  13. My first car had a CB radio. 


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