DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Hug Your Hound

It’s National Hug Your Hound Day today – so hug your dog! or cat! or turtle! Whatever! Just hug something!

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  1. Every day is Hug Your Hound Day in my home because

    Cat Stevens – I Love My Dog


    And no offense but I’d probably like your dog better than I like you

    Illuminati Hotties – I Wanna Keep Your Dog








  2. Every day is Hug Your Hound Day here, too, even if The Faithful Hound is getting a little persnickety with age. He turned 8 a couple of weeks ago. We got him at 4 months, and at the time I thought my puppy misery would never end, but it eventually did. I should have foreseen this. The dog before him we got at 7 weeks, and guess who the primary caretaker ended up being?

    Over the weekend, cruelly deserted by Better Half and whipped into a frenzy by my All-Star Celebrity Cooking mania, at the end of each evening I invited FH to join me in the bed, because after all these years I find it difficult to sleep alone. He would do it, but only to the point where he thought I was asleep, then he would jump with a thud out of my bed and sleep on his own. My Faithful Hound, all grown up!

  3. This feels like a direct response to The Stooges. 
    Soccer Mommy, “Your Dog” 

    That Dog., “Never Say Never” 

    That Dog., “He’s Kissing Christian” 


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