Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Hungover For Three Days Straight

As most of you know, the Superbowl happened last night and a lot of people are hungover today. For a lot of us here at Deadsplinter, it was the first Superbowl since our favourite sports site died. We were, however, very fortunate that some of our favourite writers from that site opened the Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog Dot Com for a glorious three days leading up to the Superbowl. Although we are sorry to see it go, we are thankful that DUAN lives on here and we thank you for your continued support of Deadsplinter…

even if we’re hungover for three days straight:

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  1. I never miss the opportunity to post a classic. Ladies and gentlemen, the Dead Kennedys, Too Drunk to Fuck.

    • Have you heard this version?

  2. Diamond Rugs – Hungover And Horny
    Music starts 30 seconds in.

    • Excellent choice, I forgot about this one.

    • I was hoping a fellow Canadian would play this “last call” song!

  3. Fugazi – Give me the Cure

    • I’ve not thought of ZZ Top in a long time. Nice pull!

    • Billy Gibbons played w/ my hero Willie K in Hawaii, what a show!

  4. I do pretty good not getting too drunk nowadays. The last time I had to call in to work or was hungover the Monday after was the Steelers/Cardinals game where I made my famous non-alcoholic champagne punch and then spiked mine with vodka…Please don’t do that.

    What I still can’t get over is the commercials. There might be one or 2 a year that I like but the narrative that these are the best is a joke or just sad that the producers think they’re any good. I try not to get caught up on how people spend or make their money but I cashed out (pun intended) on it a long time ago.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome. Neil Young….

    Ain’t singin’ for Miller
    Don’t sing for Bud
    I won’t sing for politicians
    Ain’t singin’ for Spuds

    • What I still can’t get over is the commercials. There might be one or 2 a year that I like but the narrative that these are the best is a joke or just sad that the producers think they’re any good.

      Yes, 99% are crap. I miss Louis, Frankie, and the rest of the swamp!

        • Where I live, because of French Canadian influence, those two things are pronounced the same.

  5. They call it Stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad…

    Since we have all been getting through Stormy Monday together lately, here’s Eric Clapton’s version.

  6. Alestorm covered Taio Cruz’s “Hangover”, because it needed more pirate.

    The original

  7. The assistant (with an overgrown package) to the record exec would be later killed by John Wick because his son killed John Wick’s dog.

  8. John Lee Hooker – One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer:

  9. This guy knew hangovers.
    George Jones- Heartaches and Hangovers

  10. I don’t need no cure.

  11. Fuckin’ lightweights:

    • Who you calling a “lightweight”? I danced with you just because you danced with me:

      • …maybe it’s a regional thing but in some places there’s a pretty strict etiquette to these things & it goes a bit like this

        -‘m askin’
        -‘m dancin’

        …so on that basis

        …& maybe I need to find some northern soul clip or other before everyone assumes I finally took leave of whatever senses I might have had left

        • …so…northern soul…it’s a thing

          • There is a northern soul weekender every year were I live. They get dj’s from Europe and Canada to play for the event. Some of those records go for a mint.

            • …yeah – Wigan Casino may have burned down but I’m pretty sure there’s still a dance championship for northern soul annually…I want to say in Blackpool but I’m not sure?

              …as sub-/counter-culture stuff goes, though, it’s kind of a fascinating one…& the tunes were generally pretty great…if you like that sort of thing

  12. As nearly always,there’s a ‘Jovi song for that😉💖

    The song that made me cry, the very first time I heard it, on the bus to school, my junior year of high school.

    Because in that pre-interwebs era– until the moment I heard that song on the bus’s radio, realized it was Jon’s voice with Richie’s harmonies, & the Boys too, *and* it was a new song, since I didn’t know any of the words– I had no idea (because i lived in a rural podunk-nowhere) that my favorite band had gotten back together.

    Bonus points for Richie trying *soooooo hard* to have his own “Slash Moment,” which–as much as I LOVE Rich, and think he’s one of the best, and most chronically underrated guitarists, is simply a sad, pale shadow, compared to *THIS* (actual & original😉) “Slash Moment”💖:

    • “‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever. Even cold November rain”

      What a line. It would have been so awesome if GnR hadn’t fuck it up after ’93/’94.

      Great selections. ‘Bed of Roses’ is excellent too!

  13. Also acceptable/theme following Bon Jovi song:

    • Megmeg, you are the best! This is the perfect song from the perfect band!

      • Thank ye kindly. I try!

  14. Where do I leave tips. Where is the tip jar. ClickHole is OUT of the G/O Media conglomerate. Literally purchased with cash by Cards Against Humanity. Buzzfeed, of all places, reported on this first.

    • …in theory the OT in DOT stands for Open Threads so I guess we thought of that as the tip jar but in practice either a comment like this or a message to me or MegMegMcGee or MyopicProphet or JohnConstantine is a good bet?

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