DeadSplinter Up! All Night: I Am Going to Make It Through This Year

The Mountain Goats.

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  1. tbh 2020 has been rough on me..a good chunk of that has been me own fault

    but like any toddler..or a fucking drunk driving a car..i bounce and get over it

  2. Waylon Payne (no, really, that’s his name) is the son of Jody Payne (guitarist for Willie Nelson) and Sammi Smith (singer in her own right).  He was named after Jody and Sammi’s friend, Waylon Jennings.  If you saw Walk the Line, he played Jerry Lee Lewis.  Anyway, Sammi’s signature song was Help Me Make It Through the Night.  Waylon was a client of a boss of mine from way back–at the time he was a total trainwreck, but it looks like he’s exorcised those demons since then and good for him because the dude is a monster talent.  Anyway, we had recorded him doing a cover of his mother’s tune so it’s actually his version that I think of when I think of the song.  This is him playing the song with his father before he died.


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