DeadSplinter Up! All Night: I Believe in Me

I’ve been under the weather this week, but it won’t prevent me from seeing the Motion City Soundtrack reunion show tonight because it’s my birthday in a few days. Has illness ever prevented you from going to a concert? Thank you for your continued support of DeadSplinter,



  1. I haven’t missed a show due to illness, thankfully. I have a very firm policy of “if you like this band, see them the next chance you get” for almost a decade now. I skipped two shows within a year and 1/2 of one another, thinking “I’ll just catch them next time”, and both turned out to be the last chance I’d ever have to see the band.

    The first was Type O Negative. I had a free ticket to their last show in Milwaukee, and skipped it because I had an exam I needed to study for. Peter Steele was dead 6 months later.

    The second was Woods of Ypres. It was a Thursday show in Chicago, and I found out about it on Tuesday of that week, and couldn’t get off work in time. David Gold was dead 6 months later.

    I guess the moral of the story is: If you’re in a band I like, send me a personal invitation when you book a show anywhere within 90 miles of where I live.

    And, on that SUPER uplifting note, enjoy your show tonight!

    • Lucky you?

      Ace was always my favorite when I was in the Kiss Army. There used to be a giant photo of him shredding the smoking guitar outside Madison Square Garden that I thought was the coolest thing ever.

  2. I wasn’t sick but I was too wiped out to go see these guys & they haven’t been back since. They have one of the greatest front men since Lux Interior & put on a hell of a show. Th’Legendary Shack Shakers – Ichabod

  3. illness has never prevented me from going to a gig
    the damage i did to meself in the pit to these guys did nearly get me sacked from a job tho

    i was in a state after that gig…. no where near the heaviest band ive ever seen… but the pit was vicious

  4. …so, not quite the same thing as missing the gig but I had one arm in a sling when I saw these guys play

    …which meant that unlike a friend I wasn’t up front for the main act either, so didn’t end up on stage trying to keep up with Maxim dancing onstage to this

    …& when people were grabbing cabs to make it across town to catch the Chemical Brothers play their second set of the night…I guess I could claim I missed that gig due to temporary infirmity…which was sort of the question?

  5. Nice job, Boop, and I hope you are feeling better soon!

    Illness has never prevented me from going to a concert, but if Zeppelin ever has a reunion show and I am gravely ill, I will have them wheel my hospital bed into the venue, even if it means I have to buy up a whole row of seats so that I’ll fit!

    Molly Hatchet! Guitars, and lots of them!

  6. I can’t remember missing a show because I was sick. I thought I was going to have to miss seeing Jonathan Richman once because I was broke. But I pawned a bracelet my ex had given me and got enough money to chip in for gas, entry to the club, and a couple of drinks. Worth it!

  7. Keitel is a good egg who takes me to shows that are not his cup of tea. We saw Sufjan Stevens in a small local venue right before their first European tour. I had just been released from two weeks in the hospital,and he made it happen for me.
    These folks put on a fun, happy, no -whining show.

  8. I missed The Wedding Present at CBGB’s because the first Gulf War had just started and we were watching it on t.v. I got to see them there another time, though, and it’s the loudest show I’ve ever been to.

    I’m Not Always So Stupid – The Wedding Present

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