DeadSplinter Up! All Night: I Don’t Believe That Love’s A Good Idea At All

Thank you for your continued support of DeadSplinter, Stay home and stay safe and listen to The Beths.



  1. ooo never heard of the beths…thank you 🙂

    • oh crap… forgot..saturday disco party

  2. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I Hate Myself for Loving You:

  3. Kind of ironic after my early posts…

    and one more for that one annoying neighbor

    • here…have another one for that neighbour

      • Love this & the Toy Dolls!

  4. “The best is the past”

    Thank you, Boop, for giving me a place to drop my Top Gun soundtrack addiction!

    • Top Gun soundtrack? I like the Volleyball tune!

      Kenny Loggins – Playing with the Boys

      • I’ll just leave this here

  5. I hadn’t heard The Beths before, really liked this!
    Here’s a Beth for you.
    Gossip – Standing In the Way of Control

  6. Brand new from Everlast. The whole video is one giant Hunter Thompson reference:

    • Holy shit…if ever there is a time to feel old…this video covers all the bases.

    • everlast? the house of pain dude?
      holy shit…
      gotta say tho…. music wise he seems to have aged well
      dis nice

  7. …….and tonight’s disco night entry:

  8. …who do you love?

    …well…it’s a start?

  9. Saturday night fever…

    Sugar Frosted Lover:

    • That bottle of Locker Room in the back of my sock drawer has dried out, unfortunately. But this one still got me up on my feet.

  10. …oh, yeah…it’s meant to be Beth

    • she has a lovely voice

    • I used to love Beth Orton!

        • I kind of forgot about her so thanks for the reminder!

  11. If we are doing Disco Saturday I guess I have to drop some Venezuelan disco to be different. Don’t worry, only a few Socialists were harmed in the filming of this video. Los Amigos Invisibles – El Disco Anal

    • I thought El Disco Anal was a bar on Clark Street in Chicago.

  12. So many choices! A quick musical journey through my experience with love:

    High School: Bare Jr. – Why Won’t You Love Me?

    First marriage: Son Seals – Your Love Is Like A Cancer

    First few years after divorce: Stacie Collins – It Ain’t Love

    Finally, the song that always reminds me of when Mrs. Butcher and I were first starting to realize that we could be getting serious…and all the reasons why it might be a bad idea…and deciding to move forward anyway. Radney Foster – Fools That Dream.

  13. Vundabar $$$, longish jam good stuff.

  14. Always room for the classics.

    • I love those costumes! These, not so much but I dig the groove!

    • This is my entering-the-ring music

    • sewage farm?
      you know what this calls for right?
      sweaty betty ( she worked at sewage farm)

  15. I’ll go for the low hanging fruit.

  16. well fuck….i cant sleep again

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