Deadsplinter Up! All Night: I Found Peace

Thanks for coming around. Stay safe and be well.



  1. Good song! I wish you each Peace, Love, and Understanding:


    • I love this song, Costello sings the hell out of it.

  2. I’m going for the obvious.


    • O.o
      i was going to make a crappy ono joke…along the lines of dennis learys
      then i noticed her..and realized it was actually lennon singing
      holy shit…
      ive never heard this before

  3. Also…a few years ago, Keitel and I saw Hanni El Khatib in a dive bar, small venue that reminded me of a frat house. One of his songs is called Fuck It, and Keitel started to yell that (as a song request) in between each song. I only hope the audience knew the song.

      • At least it wasn’t Freebird.

  4. im pretty at peace with everything tonight (granted…that may be partially due to combining codeine with alcohol)

    and heres a bonus local

      • Codine


        • dangit…only the first one works for me….that one is nice tho
          anyhoo..ill join the codeine party


    • Careful with the codeine/alcohol cocktail. Once upon a time I did that and the next thing I knew someone was slapping me awake. 

      • apreciate the concern mate
        it just makes me a little fuzzy headed… ADD has fun side effects on medication.. so codeine and alcohol is pretty much just a nice high for me (probably not a healthy one tho)
        morphine and alcohol….now that was fun….i didnt think outer body experiences were real… but i swear i watched meself doing nothing much of interest that night…lol

        • Wouldn’t watching yourself do nothing much of interest, in and of itself, be interesting?

          • twas an experience thats for sure
            wierd it was..but not a bad wierd
            (then again…im a space kadett..i like this kinda shit)
            nother wierd one i had was shrooms…decided to have some and watch anime… only the tv was in colour ..the rest of my world was black and white
            was awesome…..then my dad wanted me to roll him a spliff…. was trixy given the circumstances
            if memorie serves…it was this anime 

            • I once made the mistake of dropping acid a few hours before getting on a plane.  It was…not pretty.

              • lol…i can picture that
                hellova trip
                worst ive done on a flight was take 15 minutes searching for the fucking bathroom light before deciding eh… fuck it ill just sit down and pee in the dark
                anyhoo..soon as i closed the door the fucking light came on
                but yeah… the missus and me shared a space cake between us before getting on to the train to the airport….it really kicked in midflight

        • I forget the full metabolic pathway, but codeine by itself isn’t very psychoactive.  But most people metabolize it into ?(I hope I’m remembering this correctly…) morphine, and some other stuff, and it’s the morphine that is doing the work for most people.
          But some people lack the enzyme to metabolize it into morphine, and just metabolize it into the other stuff, and thus don’t get any sort of effects from codeine.  It’s a genetic thing, and I forget the percentage of people in the population with that gene, it’s not huge, but I think it’s at least a single-digit percentage.

          • interdasting…
            for me it still works as a painkiller
            its just that i can take 200mg of it and just have a wonderfull high instead of being a drooling vegetable
            only like…once a month tho….my resistance to the stuff goes up ridiculously quick if i use it more often

  5. Yusuf/Cat Stevens -Peace Train





    • I love ‘peace train’. dolly’s cover is awesome too:

      Dolly Parton – Peace Train fea. Ladysmith Black Mambazo

      “avoid clean living at all costs”

  6. Another old one by a band that didn’t get the recognition they deserved.

    Rare Bird – Peace of Mind








  7. George Harrison – Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (Live)

  8. Peace in the End – Keith Cross and Peter Ross

  9. I’m sorry I’m so late to the party.  Coming here in the evening is my peaceful place.

  10. Here’s what I have in my library:
    Patti Smith, Peaceable Kingdom:

    Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Give Me Peace:

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