Deadsplinter Up! All Night: I Haven’t Slept Since You Went Away

For years I had a recurring dream where I was in love with this girl, but circumstances were tearing us apart. The specifics were always different, but the scenario was basically the same. It drove me nuts, and I couldn’t figure out what my brain was telling me. A few months ago I got back together with this girl I left behind when I moved to California almost 20 years ago and now I know what that dream meant.

Hugh Masekela – I Haven’t Slept



  1. Can’t do without you, Caribou.
    There are some live 7-10 minute versions floating around if you like this. And congrats on your new/old love.

    • I love those guys, or that guy, I can’t remember. That first record as Manitoba before Handsome Dick forced the name change is an all time fave.

  2. I never reconnected with lost loves. I did make that drunk phone call back to Michigan after getting a letter from one in the early 90s. As a latchkey kid raised by a single mother I would go through mom’s LPs and she was big on this guy. I always liked him but never got it until I was an adult. Now I can’t listen to any of his songs and not cry….well, except that banana tune.

    Ladies and Gentlemen. Please welcome back. Harry Chapin…

    And she said, “How are you Harry?”
    I said, “How are you Sue?
    Through the too many miles
    And the too little smiles
    I still remember you”

  3. …so, can’t lie…first place my head went was this

    …but I’m not sure the police really satisfies the goodwill quotient on that story, so how about a chaser?

  4. Many many moon ago a university housemate broke up with his unfaithful ex. Sure it stung, but it almost hurt worse having him playing this song on endless repeat loudly for several hours.

    Almost as bad when I “sang” ‘Somebody I used to know’ till I realized I was the one who dumped her.

  5. I was tempted to post Reunited, lol. But I wouldn’t do that to y’all! I’m glad you found each other again. But you know I can’t get too sentimental, that’s not my way. So…

    The Dream Syndicate – Still Holding On To You

  6. i havent slept either… i mean..i struggle with sleeping at the best of times

    the cats waking me up at 3 coz they want to go outside doesnt help..
    the cats waking me up at 3 coz they want to go outside after taking a shit in the shower just means farscy is a very grumpy boy now

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